Top 5 Cloud Based Tools For App Development

Developing an app for your website or for the mobile platform can be extraordinarily exciting and challenging. One of the ways in which you can meet the various challenges associated with app development is to go in for cloud-based tools.


Conduit Mobile allows support for multiple platforms such as HTML5, Android, Apple and so on. It also allows you to leverage better promotional tools. This cloud-based tool offers a huge range of functionalities such as the following:

  • Various e-commerce operations,
  • Loyalty programs and
  • Advanced analytics to name just a few.


With Appcelerator Titanium, developers can harness the cloud and create native apps using JavaScript. According to the creators of this tool, there are 209,662,949 devices running Appcelerator powered applications.

Scalability is also another powerful functionality offered by this tool. .


Considering that data management is a huge deal when it comes to today’s apps, Knack allows you to integrate cloud services and look at better data display, custom searches and creation and management of an online database.

This cloud-based tool has positioned itself as a strong solution for building simple web applications and managing smaller data. This simply means that you can use cloud computing to create custom reports and more granular visibility into data.


This is a powerful cloud-based tool that helps create B2C and B2E native applications. Application lifestyle management and the use of Ruby and PhP frameworks make it possible for a developer to create native mobile applications.

The tool also offers pre-integrated ad servers, which make it possible to monetize your applications very easily. Application lifestyle management is also easier because Appscend offers feature updates from the cloud. This eliminates the cumbersome resubmission process.


When it comes to successful mobile applications, back-end operations are critical. Kinvey offers MBaaS or mobile back-end as a service that allows the developer to create applications for web, mobiles and tablets. Mobile back-end as a service promises infrastructure on tap, so to speak.

Thus, cloud-based tools offer security, better user retention, smoother back-end operations, faster go to market times and seamless scalability. There are options of free and paid cloud-based tools that any developer can use to create web and mobile apps.