SMS Text Marketing For The Financial Services Industry

You have probably been told (and have told others) to not lend money to friends and family. Giving or lending money to someone you know can be unnerving. It is only understandable that people have unsettling feelings about leaving their hard-earned pennies in the hands of banks, accountants, lenders, stock brokers, and other financial services.

If you are those hands of financial services that people fear, SMS marketing can help put your clients at ease by creating a trustworthy, personal relationship.

A few ways you can use SMS marketing for your financial services

  • Notify clients when money has been wired to their account or when a wire has successfully gone through
  • Send stock alerts
  • Detect fraud by alerting clients if there is unusual account activity and have them verify their account
  • Notify clients when deals have been closed
  • Send requests for documents that may be missing or needed
  • Send daily, weekly, bi-weekly account balances
  • Notify prospective clients if loan has been approved or denied

While you make your clients more comfortable with customized messages, you too will reap benefits.

Perks that come with SMS marketing:

  • Lower call center costs
  • By sending loan payment alerts you will maximize bank revenue flow
  • Notifying clients about their policies expiring with a renewal discount can ensure loyalty
  • Thank you messages (even if prospect does not become a client) may lead to referrals