IVR and its benefits

What Is IVR

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. It is the technology that enables interaction between a caller and a computer via the telephone. Callers can interact with IVR systems by pressing numbers on a telephone keypad or by speaking simple commands to answer the computer’s voice prompts. Common uses of IVR include account balance inquiries, finding store locations and simple caller identification and routing.

IVR Uses

IVR technology is most commonly found in the call centers of companies’ seeking to improve their customer service, reduce costs, and expand their call center operations. IVR can help:

  • handle high call volumes
  • service customers after normal business hours
  • improve customer service
  • lower call center costs
  • prioritize customers so urgent calls are handled quickly
  • automate an outbound call campaign

Key IVR Benefits

  • Intelligent call routing allows your customers to reach the right agent every time
  • Integrate your IVR system with internal applications to improve your call center operations
  • Expand your ability to get feedback from customers with surveys that populate your database from your IVR solution
  • Advanced call routing allows your team to be accessible via cell, land line, or even another IVR system
  • Reduce idle time in your call center with outbound campaign management

What to look for in an IVR solution

The best IVR solutions should do more than detect voice and keypad inputs. An IVR solution should be a critical application that can scale with your business needs. Below are just a few of the things you should look for in an IVR solution:

  • Simple management tools that make IVR changes in real-time
  • Scalability to handle a virtually unlimited number of calls
  • Robust, real-time monitoring and reporting
  • Integration with your back end applications and databases
  • Easy and quick deployment

Why Choose Hosted IVR

  • Traditional on-site systems require large upfront costs
  • Hosted IVR can be deployed in hours instead of months
  • There are no maintenance or support costs with our hosted IVR solution
  • No IVR hardware for your IT department to manage
  • Hosting provides instant scalability
  • Our IVR solution provides redundancyand failover