Install the AndroVM on VirtualBox

If you have developed Android application, you must have many troubles with the emulator which is provided with Android SDK and you got headache because of the emulator is too slow. Today, I will introduce you a better way to test your software that is using the AndroVM. AndroVM helps you to run the Android on the Virtual Machine and it runs much faster than the AVD emulator from the Android SDK. Now I will show you how to install it in the following steps.

  • Step 1: You need to download and install Virtual Box from its homepage.
  • Step 2: Download the .ova file with the appropriate version of AndroVM from here . 


Please note that AndroVM comes with 3 different versions :

  1. box86p : Built for a “phone”, 480×800 default resolution
  2. vbox86t : Built for a “tablet”, 1024×600 default resolution 
  3. vbox86tp : Built for a “tablet” with phone capabilities, 1024×600 default resolution

And you also should notice in the name of the .ova file. If the word “gapps” and “flash” appear in the name of the .ova, it means that the AndroVM has already installed the application “Google Play Store” and it supports flash.

  • Step 3: After download AndroVM you have a .tar file. Extract it and you will see the structure file like the following picture:


Notice the .ovf file which is the file to be run in the virtual machine. Open it by double-click and a dialog will appear:


Choose “Import” to import it to the virtualbox. After the importing process finish, you will see the androVM in the virtualbox window.

  • Step 4: Now you need to configure the virtualbox to allow the AndroVM access the internet. Right-click to the icon of AndroVM in Virtualbox and then select “Settings”:



In the Setting window choose the tab “Network”. And then in the Network Tab, tick the “Enable Network Adapter” and set it “Attached to” NAT. Then open Advanced option and choose “Port Forwarding



In Port Forwarding window select the green plus to add the new rule. When the new rule row appears, fill the column “Host port” and “Guest Port” with the value ‘5555’.



  • Step 5: Now you can open the AndroVM to run the Android in the VirtualBox to test your software.


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