How To Export Email Addresses Of Facebook Friends

So you have a ton of friends on your Facebook and for whatever reason you would like to export their emails to your favourite email service or to a CSV. If you already have a list of your friends email, importing the emails to email services such as Yahoo Mail, Gmail or your email client is pretty straight forward. This article covers how you can easily export those contacts and the complications that follow when trying to export them into a CSV file.

First of all, you would require Yahoo mail. If you don’t have a Yahoo email, then proceed to register an account on Yahoo. Once you have your account all signed up, login with Google Chrome. You have to use Google Chrome or this might not work.

Click on the Contacts menu button → Import Contacts


Based on the comments below, some users are unable to see the pop up box when trying to import the emails from Facebook. We have edited the article to enable pop ups.


Once you have enabled pop ups, click on Import from Facebook again and a pop up window will appear. Login to Facebook and click on ok.

export facebook friends email 1

Once the import has been completed, you will see a list of emails appear in your Yahoo mail contacts. Now, here comes to tricky part. You would think that importing those contacts to a CSV should be a no brainer, but that is not the case. Facebook has made some changes, perhaps in an attempt to protect the email addresses of your friends that allowed you to view their emails in the first place, or simply just to screw with you and make things more difficult.

When exporting emails from Yahoo mail to a CSV, you will get a blank CSV with only the headers. WTF right? There are a few ways how you can import your imported Facebook email addresses.

  1. Manually copy each email and paste it into a word document or Excel.
  2. Automatically export all imported Facebook email addresses into a CSV with a trick and a handy tool.

If you have tens of emails, option one wouldn’t really be a problem. However, if you have thousands or even hundreds of emails, you would either break your CTRL, C and V keys or you’ll break your fingers first, even before you successfully export the emails.

First step to exporting your imported Facebook emails would be to print them. We don’t really want to print them, we just want to view them.

Click on Actions → then click on the Print All button


Once you have click on print all, a new page appears and do the following to view all your imported Facebook addresses.

Select your entire Address Book → Select Basic View → click on Print


The printer options window will now appear. Because you don’t want to print the emails, what you do is click on cancel. After clicking on cancel, you will be able to see the list of emails.


Once your emails have been displayed, you can now proceed to export the list to CSV. Again, you need to use Google Chrome.

  1. Drag the “Yahoo to CSV” to your Bookmarks bar : Yahoo to CSV
  2. Once you have Yahoo to CSV on your Bookmarks bar, edit the bookmark and paste the follow code under the URL text field.

Once you have the Yahoo to CSV bookmark all set up correctly. You can now proceed to do the following.

Navigate to the page with the displayed email addresses → click on Yahoo to CSV → new window appears with all the email addresses → copy the list into Excel, save as CSV

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