Do you know Bash Shell Script Framework

When working with shell script programming, you should ask yourself why this one is so basic (but powerful), and you need to do everything from beginning. For example, logging to file, stripping double quote, call database script, …

These things are easy and full support in modern web programming language, but in shell script programming, what do you have to tackle your jobs?

Fortunately, there are some bash shell script framework that you can use for your work and contribute to get it powerful.

Bashinator support logging, printing, emailing with colorful output also with call stack traces and lockfile handling. It’s flexible and powerful.

Shesfw is a collection of bash functions composing a API for Shell applications. It includes:

  1. Print output and input functions (with several interfaces, textual or graphical)
  2. Automatic build/remove of temporary directories
  3. Log function
  4. Argument treatment
  5. Functions for configuration files

The main goal is provide less effort on shell development.

log4sh is an advanced logging framework for shell scripts (eg. sh, bash) that works similar to the logging products available from the Apache Software Foundataion (eg. log4j, log4perl).

oo-style framework for bash 4. It provides tools for rapid script development and huge libraries. Written in bash

This framework is intended to help on easy bash script development. It is totally modularized. It helps you developing new Bash Script programs by forcing you to modularize and organize your code in functions, so that your program can be tested.

This bash library project is a library of bash functions.

Bash-Toolbox is a simple set of functions and instructions that help develop script applications in Bash.