Creating Web Service Using PHP Within 10 Minutes


Today, I am trying to write up on web service functionality and also how to consume it using PHP code. Basically, it is a very beginner level web service tip but you will gather knowledge step by step & easily run it on your server.


  1. What is SOAP?
  2. Why SOAP?
  3. Create web service method
  4. Consume web service


What is SOAP?

SOAP is based on XML so it is considered human read. It is a protocol for accessing a Web Service. It is a simple XML-based protocol to let applications exchange information over HTTP.


In real field, so many applications are required for data communication between systems by Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) between objects like DCOM and CORBA but HTTP was not designed for this.

  • RPC represents compatibility
  • Security problem
  • Firewalls and proxy servers will normally block this kind of traffic.

A better way to communicate between applications is over HTTP as HTTP is supported by all Internet browsers and servers. That’s why it is preferable to SOAP Service.

We can collaborate with other programmers building big size and complex applications in multiple platforms.

Using the Code

Here, I will create a web service using PHP code. So let’s follow the steps given below:

Step 1: You will download the library from

Step 2: Run WAMP server, then you will go to www root folder location.

Step 3: Create folder, it’s called “WebServiceSOAP” into www root folder.

Step 4: Paste “lib” folder inside your “www/WebServiceSOAP/” location from Step 1 download files.

Step 5: Create two files “server.php” and “client.php” into WebServiceSOAP folder location.

Step 6: Inside “server.php”, please write the code lines given below:

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//call library 
require_once ('lib/nusoap.php'); 
//using soap_server to create server object 
$server = new soap_server; 

//register a function that works on server 

// create the function 
function get_message($your_name) 
return new soap_fault('Client','','Put Your Name!'); 
$result = "Welcome to ".$your_name .". Thanks for Your First Web Service Using PHP with SOAP"; 
return $result; 
// create HTTP listener 

Step 7: After creating “server.php” file, now we will test this server function. Please go to URL & typehttp://localhost/WebServiceSOAP/server.php?wsdl.

Step 8: Create “client.php” file into WebServiceSOAP folder location. Please find the following code lines:

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require_once ('lib/nusoap.php'); 
//Give it value at parameter 
$param = array( 'your_name' => 'Monotosh Roy'); 
//Create object that referer a web services 
$client = new soapclient('http://localhost/WebServiceSOAP/server.php'); 
//Call a function at server and send parameters too 
$response = $client->call('get_message',$param); 
//Process result 
echo "FAULT: <p>Code: (".$client->faultcode."</p>"; 
echo "String: ".$client->faultstring; 
echo $response; 

Step 9: Save all codes, then please go to URL and type http://localhost/WebServiceSOAP/client.php.

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Result: Welcome to Monotosh Roy. Thanks for Your First Web Service Using PHP with SOAP

So, today I have shown you how to use simple SOAP web service and to get message from service at client end.