AppThwack – Automated testing of iOS and Android apps on real devices in the cloud

AppThwack maintains a remote device lab of hundreds of iOS and Android devices and an automation infrastructure that allows you to run automated test scripts in parallel on real devices, not emulators. AppThwack supports all popular automation frameworks. With AppThwack, you can

  • Execute your tests, in parallel, across 100s of iOS and Android phones and tablets with results available in minutes
  • Initiate tests through a simple web interface or Jenkins Plug-in
  • View results in web-based dashboard or download for offline viewing
  • Analyze reports in real-time that include high-level results, low-level logs, pixel-perfect screenshots, and performance trends (CPU, Memory, Threads, Frame draw time)
  • Integrate report data with CI and other business flow applications

AppThwack offers a free 7-day trial period. Start testing with AppThwack today!