10 Most-Useful Mobile App Testing Tools For Application Developers 2014

For the application developers, it is always recommended to use real world testing instead of simulators and emulators. Actually, most of the companies first test their applications on the desktop browser, and then search for bugs related to a device. If done in a right manner, your testing time and effort can be reduced significantly. At times, small-time developers may wish to make use of mobile app testing tools instead of devoting in an entire lab.

In this article, we will discuss top 10 Mobile App Testing tools which assist in achieving the goals of mobile testing.

1. FoneMonkey 5

This tool is used to record every action with the iPad or iPhone. It plays the action back as a test script at any time. This tool allows interactive creation, editing as well as playback of automation scripts that implements the user interface of an application.

2. iPhoney

iPhoney is considered as a web-browsing environment which is designed for web developers who wish to generate 320 by 480 (or 480 by 320) websites for use with iPhone. iPhoney is powered by Safari. It provides a canvas on which you can test the design’s visual quality.

3. W3C mobileOK Checker

This application assists developers in assessing how mobile-friendly an app actually is. This checker implements numerous tests on a Web Page in order to find out its level of mobile-friendliness. A Web Page is said to be mobileOK if it passes every test.

4. Modify Headers

This tool is helpful for Mobile web development, HTTP testing and privacy. By means of this tool, app developers can verify HTTP privacy and test the efficiency. Also, the use of this add-on improves mobile web development.

5. DotMobi Emulator

The use of this tool allows developers to verify if a particular website appears on a mobile web browser in a correct manner. This tool also includes an additional support which can be sought from the homepage.

6. Google Android Emulator

This tool is considered as a mobile device emulator that helps developers to test as well as generate Android applications without making use of a physical device. The Android SDK assists developers to avoid the purchase of every Android device that is available in the market.

7. Android SDK Emulator

This tool offers developers with API libraries as well as tools that are required to test, build and debug applications. The use of this tool helps developers to begin developing apps in a rapid manner.

8. iPad Peek

This tool can be utilized to see the appearance of a website on an iPad. This useful tool reminds developers that good appearance of an iPhone does not necessarily look good on an iPad. Here, it is required to consider your web-design skills.

9. BlackBerry Simulator

Blackberry simulator allows you to view, test and debug your applications. Nevertheless, most of the people do not wish to generate applications for this platform anymore. People who are particularly interested in the blackberry platform, such as security agencies, require the use of this platform.

10. Apphance and Appgrader

Apphance is a mobile tool that helps developers to distribute applications over-the-air, gather and report crash data automatically. It also features in-app bug reports and user feedback. A tool for Android, known as Appgrader, has been launched which appears to be quite promising.